Family Gatherings

For important events, such as birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, etc., bring your family and friends together at our hall. Being able to transform into your ideal venue is at the core of who we are at CPS Niagara Banquet Hall.  Therefore, we are able to accommodate any type of family function.

Holiday Celebrations

Looking to invite all of your friends and family to your holiday event? Is your family the size of a small army? Hosting your event at CPS Niagara Banquet Hall gives you the space and ability for all your relatives. With a wheelchair accessible building we offer an inclusive space and a full kitchen to cook all your favorites.

Birthday Parties

With our indoor hall or outdoor location you have a picnic party or transform our indoor space into any themed party you can think of. With our catering services, kitchen and onsite bar at the CPS Niagara Banquet Hall you can host your birthday with us and save the mess and clean up that comes along after the fun has ended.

Baptism/ Communions

A new life is a joyful moment and celebrated with all your friends and families dear to your heart. As you and your loved ones go through such a transitional stage in your lives allow us to take care of the details of this special event enabling you commemorate in your event.


Our facility lets you rejoice your anniversary in a splashy and upbeat manner. We know that celebrating this day is as important as the first time you said “I Do”. At CPS Niagara Banquet Hall we have plenty of space and facility features that let you celebrate your life together with your family and friends in style.


During this time of loss being close to your family and loved ones is important as you go through this process of healing. Our compassionate staff is able to take care of the planning and detail to enable you to celebrate the life of your loved one.


*Kitchen Essentials

Hardwood Dance Floor & DJ Table (if needed)

Podium & microphone

Bar & Lounge

Raised Stage

Round tables – Seating 8 to 10 guests per table

*Call in for costs that may be associated with these services