Going through this milestone in your life is an incredibly special moment, a memory you will treasure for the rest of your life. Knowing this, we want to help you plan the ideal day. From the pre-wedding planning, outlining the itinerary to crafting every detail of your theme, our coordinators will help you plan a beautiful, stress-free wedding.


Bridal Parties & Wedding Showers

Bridal parties and wedding showers is a time to pamper the bride and express your enthusiasm as she moves into a new phase of her life. Whether you’re planning the showers or being pampered our transformational banquet hall provides adequate space and catering options to help minimize the setup so you can focus on the atmosphere and bride herself.


Stag & Does

A stag & doe is an excellent way to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Invite all of your friends and family to participate in the fun! Pick a theme and bring it to life at CPS Niagara Banquet Hall, we have ample space for game & events, fully licensed on-site bar, seating & homemade menus available.



Kitchen Essentials

Hardwood Dance Floor

Bar & Lounge

Raised Stage



*Call in for costs that may be associated with these services


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